Sweden dominates PDC Nordic and Baltic weekend in Finland

Last weekend PDC Nordic and Baltic organised in Finland four qualifying events for some of the European Tours of 2020. Also the first two PDC Nordic and Baltic Pro Tours has been held. In the PDC Nordic and Baltic Pro Tours all players from the Nordic and Baltic regions can participate, including the four PDC tour card holders from this region. The tour card holders are excluded for the qualifiers for the European Tours, since they have to qualify via the qualifier for PDC tour card holders.

PDC Nordic and Baltic qualifiers for the European Tours
Andreas Harrysson showed what he is capable of by winning the qualifiers for European Tour 4 and 6. In the qualifying event for European Tour 4 he beat Dennis Nilsson 6-2 in the final, while he had beaten Oskar Lukasiak 6-3 in the final of the qualifying event for European Tour 6. Johan Engström claimed a spot at European Tour 5 by beating Dennis Nilsson 6-3 in the final of the qualifier. Dennis Nilsson made it for the third time to a final of a qualifying event last weekend by reaching the final of the qualifier for European Tour 7 as well. This time Dennis Nilsson won by beaten Mindaugas Barauskas from Lithuania, who was thus the only player who isn’t from Sweden making it to a final of a qualifying event.

Qualifier European Tour 4
Andreas Harrysson – Dennis Nilsson 6-2

Semi final:
Andreas Harrysson – Oskar Lukasiak 6-2
Dennis Nilsson – Niels Jørgen Hanssen 6-1

Qualifier European Tour 5
Johan Engström – Dennis Nilsson 6-3

Semi final:
Johan Engström – Veijo Viinikka 6-5
Dennis Nilsson – Ugnius Jankunas 6-1

Qualifier European Tour 6
Andreas Harrysson – Oskar Lukasiak 6-3

Semi final:
Andreas Harrysson – Jani Kesninarkaus 6-4
Oskar Lukasiak – Niels Heinsøe 6-2

Qualifier European Tour 7
Dennis Nilsson – Mindaugas Barauskas 6-3

Semi final:
Mindaugas Barauskas – Andreas Harrysson 6-2
Dennis Nilsson – Johan Engström 6-1

PDC Nordic and Baltic Pro Tour 1 & 2
The PDC Nordic and Baltic Pro Tour is open for all players from the Nordic and Baltic region. The best two players from the PDC Nordic and Baltic Order of Merit who haven’t already qualified for the PDC World Championship might travel to Alexandra Palace coming December as well.

PDC Nordic and Baltic Pro Tour 1
Kim Viljanen claimed victory at the first PDC Nordic and Baltic Pro Tour. In his home country he defeated his fellow countryman Pasi Hyttinen, Swedes Dennis Nilsson and Johan Engström and PDC tour card holder Darius Labanauskas, who survived the half with three of the four PDC tour card holders in it, on his way of winning the event.

Quarter final:
Johan Engström – Madars Razma 6-4
Kim Viljanen – Pasi Hyttinen 6-0
Darius Labanauskas – Raino Hasu 6-2
Marko Kantele – Daniel Larsson 6-1

Semi final:
Kim Viljanen – Johan Engström 6-4
Darius Labanauskas – Marko Kantele 6-5

Kim Viljanen – Darius Labanauskas 6-5

PDC Nordic and Baltic Pro Tour 2
Kim Viljanen made it to the final for the second time last weekend at the PDC Nordic and Baltic Pro Tour 2. This time he however lost against PDC tour card holder Daniel Larsson 6-2. Larsson has beaten fellow PDC tour card holders Marko Kantele, Darius Labanauskas on his way to victory.

Quarter final:
Kim Viljanen – Oskar Lukasiak 6-3
Ricky Nauman – Ville Petämäjäki 6-2
Darius Labanauskas – Asko Niskala 6-4
Daniel Larsson – Marko Kantele 6-2

Semi final:
Kim Viljanen – Ricky Nauman 6-1
Daniel Larsson – Darius Labanauskas 6-4

Daniel Larsson – Kim Viljanen 6-2

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