A look into Swedish darts by Daniel Larsson

Below is my interview with Daniel Larsson, one of the European players who won a PDC tour card at Q-School last January. Larsson tells about his own life, personal achievements and darts in Sweden.

Who are you?
My name is Daniel Larsson and I am 38 years old. I´m self employed and have a company that runs three superstores. I mostly work at the office with economy, assortment and marketing. Quite busy days 😊 I was born and rased in Höljes, a small village at the border to Norway. Mostly vintersports and rallycross there. Now I live in Uppsala close to Stockholm with my girlfriend Frida and our kids Ester (2 years) and Elton (9 months).

When and how did you start playing darts? For example, because you saw something on TV, via family/friends?
I started in 1991 by an ”accident”, as I come from a small village where not much is happening, you pretty much do whatever is possible.. So there was a guy who would move to our village and got money from the community to start a karate club. So they renovated the place for the club, but then the karate guy never showed up.. Then the chef at the local Inn asked if he could put up some dart boards so the kids could do something there. And I loved the game directly.

Which darts do you use?
Cosmo own design 23,8 gr

What is/are your best achievement(s) so far?
Winning the teams tournament at WDF Europe Cup 2018
Qualify for PDC Worlds and won first round against Robert Thornton
Won the Swedish Gents Classic 2018 – With most of the top players in BDO at that time.

Who are the top 5 players from the Sweden (either man, woman, youth, may of course be players of the past as well)? And why?
1. Stefan Lord – Winner of News of the World, Pairs World Champion and a lot more. A true legend and also my team mate. He would be so annoyed to me if I didn´t put him at the top 😊
2. Magnus Caris – A Top player for over 30 years. Super guy to have on a team and really good friend.
3. Me – 😊
4. Vicky Pruim – WDF Singles world champion. Multiple Swedish champion.
5th is hard but it should have been Markus Korhonen if he wheren´t so lazy to practise. So I say Göran Klemme.

What is your favourite tournament and why?
”I like the PDC Nordic and Baltic tournaments. They are well run, players are focused and a lot of tough games. Also PDC Worlds was fantastic, very professional run and I loved the atmosphere with the big crowd.”

Editorial note: Larsson refers here to the so-called PDC Nordic and Baltic Pro Tour, which offers all players, including the PDC tour card holders, from these regions the opportunity to play each other. There are several of such weekends with often three to four PDC Nordic and Baltic Pro Tours and some European Tour qualifiers for players from the PDC Nordic and Baltic region for which, of course, the PDC tour card holders are excluded.

What is your goal for 2020 and the further future?
My bigest goal is to qualify for PDC Worlds again through PDC Nordic and Baltic rankings.

How often do you practise? How do you practise?
As much as I can, but the last 10-15 months I has been busy at work and to have two young kids needs a lot of my time as well. But maybe 4-6 hours a week. Before it was a lot more. I practice very much on the finishing.

What is your favourite moment in the history of Swedish darts?
When we won Europe Cup teams, first time for a Swedish team. And also when Oskar Lukasiak made a 9 darter in Danish Open when he was only 12 years, that was crazy.

Have you ever hit a 9-dart leg? If so when and against who?
Yes at the Swedish Championships 2017 against Torgny Blomqvist

What are your good and bad sides within darts?
Good side is that it is a lovely game and there are so many nice people in darts. Bad side is being away from the family and also the travelling back is also ”tough” until I get home.

What do you think about darts in Sweden?
I think we have a lot of good players who could be very succesful if they started to travel and compete with better players, they would push their level a lot higher.
We have a few ranking tournaments but it was much more just a couple of years ago. It seems like most players are happy to play the league games and local competitions.
Sweden are loosing members and media is not interested in darts, darts is not seen so much in ”open places” like a pub/restaurant any more. It´s more in private places now a days.

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