Danilo Vigato claims Italian Darts Championship title

Last Saturday Jacopo Ghirardon organised the Italian Darts Championship, one of the several online tournaments taking place nowadays. He streamed several matches on his Facebookpage Diddle for the Middle. Twelve Italian players were invited to compete each other in a PDC Premier League format. All players played each other once. The matches were best of 8 legs, with a win resulting in two points for the ranking and a draw resulting in one point for the ranking.

Danilo Vigato (most right at the photo, ed.) managed to win all eleven matches and therefore won the event. Stefano Tomasetti (most left at the photo, ed.) lost only once, which he did in round ten, against Vigato who claimed the title then, because Tomasetti had already lost two points after having a draw against Mattia Pini and Michele Turetta.

Vigato said afterwards, thanks to Jacopo Ghirardon for translating: ”This tournament is born from a shared idea between friends, thinking of some of the best Italian players involving in online darts during the Covid pandemic. We found some good friends and players, we had a lot of fun and played some great games, with the likes of myself, Tomassetti, Turetta and Casotto playing very well. We would have never thought to play for 6/7 straight hours at this level. I’m very happy about this thing and I’m sure to say Italian game is rising and developing. A lot of people are also watching games online. It’s nice to see people congratulating me for the victory. A special thanks to all the players and the staff behind to give them a lot of darts to watch having a different evening.”

The rise of the Italian game was obvious in the fact Nicola Giovannini had to replace Francesco Daros last-minute. Because Francesco Daros had made it to the quarter finals of an online tournament with just under 200 entries, including well-known players like Peter Jacques, Reece Robinson, Stephen Burton and Adam Smith-Neale, organised by Dan Hutchinson with matches played in the set format taking several days. Therefore Daros wasn’t able to participate.

Jacopo Ghirardon ensured me the Italian Darts Championship is only a start, because he aims to set up a super league like the PDC German Darts League with sixteen players competing over several days with a few matches per player each day.

Final standings
🏆 Danilo Vigato 22
🥈Stefano Tomassetti 18
🥉Michele Turetta 16
Paolo Trutalli 14
Samuele Casotto 11
Andrea Micheletti 10
Mattia Pini 10
Max Dalla Rosa 9
Manuel Scrudato 7
Nicola Giovannini 6
Francesco Raschini 4
Fabio Marangon 4

Results of the games

Round 1   
Francesco RaschiniMattia Pini35
Michele TurettaMax Dalla Rosa51
Nicola GiovanniniDanilo Vigato35
Manuel ScrudatoSamuele Casotto15
Stefano TomassettiFabio Marangon51
Paolo TrutalliAndrea Micheletti53
Round 2   
Samuele CasottoFrancesco Raschini50
Andrea MichelettiNicola Giovannini44
Fabio MarangonPaolo Trutalli35
Max Dalla RosaStefano Tomassetti25
Mattia PiniMichele Turetta35
Danilo VigatoManuel Scrudato50
Round 3   
Michele TurettaFrancesco Raschini44
Nicola GiovanniniFabio Marangon52
Manuel ScrudatoAndrea Micheletti35
Stefano TomassettiMattia Pini44
Paolo TrutalliMax Dalla Rosa35
Danilo VigatoSamuele Casotto51
Round 4   
Samuele CasottoMichele Turetta15
Francesco RaschiniStefano Tomassetti25
Andrea MichelettiDanilo Vigato35
Fabio MarangonManuel Scrudato25
Max Dalla RosaNicola Giovannini51
Mattia PiniPaolo Trutalli15
Round 5   
Andrea MichelettiSamuele Casotto44
Nicola GiovanniniMattia Pini44
Manuel ScrudatoMax Dalla Rosa52
Stefano TomassettiMichele Turetta44
Paolo TrutalliFrancesco Raschini52
Danilo VigatoFabio Marangon50
Round 6   
Samuele CasottoStefano Tomassetti35
Francesco RaschiniNicola Giovannini44
Michele TurettaPaolo Trutalli44
Fabio MarangonAndrea Micheletti15
Max Dalla RosaDanilo Vigato15
Mattia PiniManuel Scrudato51
Round 7   
Andrea MichelettiMax Dalla Rosa53
Nicola GiovanniniMichele Turetta15
Fabio MarangonSamuele Casotto44
Manuel ScrudatoFrancesco Raschini44
Paolo TrutalliStefano Tomassetti35
Danilo VigatoMattia Pini52
Round 8   
Samuele CasottoPaolo Trutalli44
Francesco RaschiniDanilo Vigato15
Michele TurettaManuel Scrudato50
Max Dalla RosaFabio Marangon44
Stefano TomassettiNicola Giovannini53
Mattia PiniAndrea Micheletti52
Round 9   
Andrea MichelettiFrancesco Raschini44
Nicola GiovanniniPaolo Trutalli15
Fabio MarangonMattia Pini15
Max Dalla RosaSamuele Casotto25
Manuel ScrudatoStefano Tomassetti15
Danilo VigatoMichele Turetta53
Round 10   
Francesco RaschiniFabio Marangon15
Michele TurettaAndrea Micheletti44
Nicola GiovanniniSamuele Casotto44
Stefano TomassettiDanilo Vigato35
Mattia PiniMax Dalla Rosa05
Paolo TrutalliManuel Scrudato51
Round 11   
Samuele CasottoMattia Pini51
Andrea MichelettiStefano Tomassetti25
Fabio MarangonMichele Turetta25
Max Dalla RosaFrancesco Raschini52
Manuel ScrudatoNicola Giovannini53
Danilo VigatoPaolo Trutalli51

Photo: Facebook of Danilo Vigato

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