Wednesday the four players of the Czech Premier League play-offs 2020 will be known

Since the start of April 10 top players from the Czech Republic have been competing with each other in a Premier League style competition. After 9 rounds the first two players were eliminated, while after round 16, which takes place on May 27th, four players have ensured their spot at the play-offs which will take place on May 28th.

Karel Sedlacek is the great missing player, since the Tipsport Czech Premier League has been streamed by, which makes Evil Charlie unable to play being a PDC tour card holder.

It wasn’t meant to be for David Rosi, who in the first nine rounds only had beaten Pavel Jirkal (6-5) and therefore he was one of the first eliminated players with standing 10th all league long. Pavel Jirkal was, in my opinion, one of the main disappointment. Jirkal only won twice; he had beaten Michal Ondo 6-2 before leaving at his top by beating Daniel Barborak, who was at that moment topping the league, 6-4 in his last match.

After the first nine rounds. Daniel Barborak was topping the league with 7 wins out of 9. Adam Gawlas, the runner-up of the PDC World Championship youth 2019, was ranked second after 6 wins. Alexander Masek had made it to the third spot after having a streak of 5 consecutive wins making it a total of 6 wins out of 9 after having won his second match as well. Viteszlav Sedlak was also on a play-off spot with 5 wins. Ondrej Kysilka, who did pretty well on the second day of PDC Q-School 2020 by reaching the quarter finals, was ranked fifth after nine weeks with 5 wins. Michal Ondo had 5 wins as well, which made him number six. David Pisek had won 4 matches, which meant he was ranked seventh after Judgement Night. Michal Smejda was the number eight with also 4 points out of 9.

In the second phase Adam Gawlas, Viteszlav Sedlak and Alexander Masek kept on playing very well, since they all got 5 points out of the last 6 matches. Alexander Masek had even a streak of 8 consecutive wins before losing in round 13 7-5 against Daniel Barborak. Therefore they are all guaranteed of playing the play-offs on Thursday May 28th. Daniel Barborak, who was topping the league after nine weeks, had made it himself difficult in the second phase winning only twice in six matches. Currently he still is in the top four, but is with a total of 9 points only one point in front of number 5 Michal Smejda, who had won 4 of his last 6 matches. Daniel Barborak might ensure himself of a place at the play-offs if he is able to beat Ondrej Kysilka, currently the number 7. If not, the Czech Premier League might come to an end for him tonight if Michal Smejda beat Viteszlav Sedlak, who has won his last four matches. David Pisek, Ondrej Kysilka and Michal Ondo will play their last match at the Czech Premier League 2020 on May 27th, since they aren’t able to reach the play-offs anymore.

League table before round 16
Adam Gawlas 11(87-54)
Viteszlav Sedlak 10(86-65)
Alexander Masek 10(79-72)
Daniel Barborak 9(74-66)
Michal Smejda 8(69-67)
David Pisek 7(76-70)
Ondrej Kysilka 6(71-81)
Michal Onda 5(63-87)

Photo: Adam Gawlas’ Facebook

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