Michele Turetta currently on top in Italian Super Premier League

After the success of the Italian Darts Championship, which had been won by Danilo Vigato, Jacopo Ghirardon decided to organise a Super Premier League with 16 of the top players from Italy, including Giordano Reale, who is the commentator of DAZN Italy when darts is on Italian television. All matches are best of 12 legs, so a draw is possible and all players play each other once before the top four will qualify for the play-offs. Several of the matches are being livestreamed on the Facebookpage Diddle for the Middle.

All players play a number of matches a week, but are free to arrange a day and time for the matches. That explains that in the results below some players appear sometimes a couple of times in a few matches and thereafter not for a while.

Michele Turetta is topping the league with 13 points out of a maximum of 14 after two weeks with a total of seven matches being played. Turetta claimed an important 7-4 victory against Daniele Petri, who is sharing the second spot together with Nicola Giovannini on a total of 11 points. Alessio Passadore is until now the only player who was able to get a point against Michele Turetta. At the moment Samuele Cassotto, Francesco Daros and Italian Darts Champion Danilo Vigato are sharing the fourth place with a total of 10 points.

After fifteen matches the top four will compete in the semi finals, which will be the first match in real life after the Italian lockdown and will take place in early July. Max Dalla Rosa en Manuel Scrudato have won eight points and are among the nearest followers of the current top four.

At the moment Nicola Giovannini is the biggest 180-hitter. He threw 11 180’s so far. Michele Turetta had thrown 9 maximums. Michele Turetta has claimed the highest check-out already after hitting the Big Fish.

Week 1:
Alessio Passadore – Samuele Casotto 5-7
Fabio Bendoni – Mattia Pini 3-7
Manuel Scrudato – Nicola Giovannini 6-6
Giordano Reale – Danilo Vigato 2-7
Stefano Di Poce – Fabio Bendoni 3-7
Max Dalla Rosa – Manuel Scrudato 6-6
Nicola Giovannini – Giordano Reale 7-2
Alessio Passadore – Amos Menghini 7-3

Samuele Casotto – Michele Turetta 3-7
Marco Bendoni – Alessio Passadore 7-3
Franceso Daros – Max Dalla Rosa 7-4
Max Dalla Rosa – Giordano Reale 7-3
Franceso Daros – Mattia Pini 7-4
Francesco Daros – Stefano Di Poce 7-1

Danilo Vigato – Amos Menghini 7-3
Manuel Scrudato – Mattia Pini 7-4
Stefano di Poce – Fabio Marangon 6-6
Fabio Marangon – Samuele Casotto 3-7

Daniele Petri – Fabio Bendoni 7-4
Danilo Vigato – Nicola Giovannini 7-4
Michele Turetta – Daniele Petri 7-4
Fabio Marangon – Daniele Petri 2-7
Michele Turetta – Marco Bendoni 7-5

Amos Menghini – Marco Bendoni 7-4

Week 2:
Michele Turetta – Amos Menghini 7-3
Michele Turetta – Alessio Passadore 6-6
Manuel Scrudato – Samuele Casotto 7-5
Marco Bendoni – Manuel Scrudato 7-4
Danilo Vigato – Stefano di Poce 7-3

Marco Bendoni – Fabio Marangon 7-3
Amos Menghini – Fabio Marangon 7-2
Marco Bendoni – Francesco Daros 6-6
Michele Turetta – Fabio Bendoni 7-3
Manuel Scrudato – Daniele Petri 5-7
Mattia Pini – Giordano Reale 7-3
Daniele Petri – Danilo Vigato 7-1
Manuel Scrudato – Stefano di Poce 7-5

Stefano di Poce – Giordano Reale 7-5
Fabio Bendoni – Alessio Passadore 6-6
Max Dalla Rosa – Danilo Vigato 6-6
Michele Turetta – Fabio Marangon 7-1
Danilo Vigato – Mattia Pini 6-6
Max Dalla Rosa – Amos Menghini 7-2
Giordano Reale – Samuele Casotto 2-7
Fabio Marangon – Alessio Passadore 4-7
Fabio Bendoni – Samuele Casotto 4-7

Fabio Bendoni – Marco Bendoni 7-5
Max Dalla Rosa – Mattia Pini 7-5
Daniele Petri – Giordano Reale 7-3
Daniele Petri – Francesco Daros 6-6

Nicola Giovannini – Amos Menghini 7-2
Nicola Giovannini – Max Dalla Rosa 7-4
Francesco Daros – Alessio Passadore 7-4
Samuele Casotto – Francesco Daros 7-3

League table:             Points(leg difference)
Michele Turetta         13(+23)
Daniele Petri              11(+17)
Nicola Giovanni         11(+15)
Samuele Cassotto       10(+12)
Francesco Daros        10(+11)
Danilo Vigato            10(+10)
Max Dalla Rosa          08(+05)
Manuel Scrudato        08(+02)
Marco Bendoni          07(+04)
Alessio Passadore      06(-01)
Mattia Pini                 05(-02)
Fabia Bendoni            05(-08)
Amos Menghini         04(-14)
Stefano di Poce          03(-17)
Fabio Marangon         01(-28)
Giordano Reale          00(-29)

Most 180’s:
Nicola Giovannini     11
Michele Turetta         9
Danilo Vigato           8
Manuel Scrudato      6
Mattia Pini                6

Highest check-outs:
Michele Turetta         170
Alessio Passadore      160
Samuele Cassotto       148
Francesco Daros        141
Max Dalla Rosa          140
Giordano Reale          140

Photo: Michele Turetta’s Facebook

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