Michele Turetta claims Italian Super Premier League title

Saturday 4th of July the Italian Super Premier League Finals took place. During the Italian Super Premier, organised by Jacopo Ghirardon, 16 of the best players from Italy competed against each other for one of the four spots for the Finals Night. The Italian Super Premier League Finals was the first time darts was being played offline in Italy for the first time since the COVID19 outbreak. The matches of this night can be watched back on the Facebookpage Diddle for the Middle.

Italian champion Danilo Vigato, who ended third in the league, and Francesco Daros, who ended fifth in the league, had to withdraw. Therefore Nicola Giovannini, who ended sixth in the regular league, could, just as at the Italian Championship when Francesco Daros had to withdraw because of him reaching the quarter finals of an international online event including some players well-known from the PDC, take part in the finals of this event. Michele Turetta, Daniele Petri and Samuele Casotto ensured themselves of a spot in the Italian Super Premier League Finals by ending in the top four of the league.

In the first semi final Michele Turetta who won thirteen of his fifteen games having a draw against Alessio Passadore and a loss during an impressive display by Danilo Vigato played against Nicola Giovannini. Turetta was simply too good for Giovannini and won 10-4.

Samuele Casotto took an early lead against Daniele Petri after checking 74 twice in the first three legs. Petri however won six legs in a row to take a 7-2 lead and from that point on he took the 10-4 win.

In the final therefore the two best players of the league met. Daniele Petri took a 6-4 lead, but Michele Turetta showed what he is capable of by claiming a 11-8 victory. And Michele Turetta is thus the first Italian Super Premier League champion.

Italian Super Premier League
Semi finals

Michele Turetta – Nicola Giovannini 10-4
Turetta breaks Giovannini for a 4-2 lead. Turetta checks 81 to make it 5-2. The man who had topped the league checks 87 to take a convincing 7-3 lead. Turetta finishes the first semi final in style by checking 160 for a 10-4 victory.

Daniele Petri – Samuele Casotto 10-4
Petri takes the first leg. Casotto checks 74 twice to take a 2-1 lead thanks to a 14-dart leg in the third leg. Petri checks 128 to take the lead back after five legs. Petri checks 130 for his sixth leg in a row and going to a convincing 7-2 lead. Petri checks 72 to take, just as Turetta did, a 10-4 victory.

Michele Turetta – Daniele Petri
Petri checks 96 to take his first leg after being 2-0 down. Petri equals with a 14-dart legs in leg four before Turetta wins a 14-dart leg himself to take a 3-2 lead. Petri checks 68 on the bull’s eye to take a 6-4 lead. Turetta fights back and throws a 15-dart leg for a 9-8 lead. Thanks to back-to-back 180’s Turetta hits a 14-dart leg to make it 10-8 and is just one leg away from victory. In the nineteenth leg Turetta busted 88 by throwing 90 by throwing a single 16 when he needed double 7, but when Turetta comes back Turetta checks 88 to claim a 11-8 victory and the Italian Super Premier League.

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