Jose de Sousa best player from continental Europe at PDC Summer Series

With the PDC Summer Series having come to an end I think the time is right to share an overview of how the players from continental Europe, with exclusion from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany have done since I try to focus on darts from the less well-developed regions.

Top performers per region
Jose de Sousa was one of the big surprises, however De Sousa has of course already shown what he is capable of in the last 1,5 year. De Sousa had a relatively show start with an exit in the last 64 and last 128 on the first two days. The third day was obviously his best day becoming the runner-up bowing down 8-3 to Michael van Gerwen, who claimed his second title in just three days, after he had beaten among other Danny Noppert, Gerwyn Price, Stephen Bunting and Daryl Gurney on his way to the final. In the last two events he consistently reached the last 16 on both occasions losing against Krzysztof Ratajski and Gerwyn Price respectively despite defeating among others Danny Noppert for the second time in the Summer Series and players like Jelle Klaasen, James Wilson and Madars Razma as well. Therefore he collected 9.500 pounds in just five days which made him the sixth player on the Summer Series Order of Merit with only Peter Wright, Michael van Gerwen, James Wade, Ryan Joyce and Gerwyn Price earning more.

Krzysztof Ratajski was as often very decent. The Polish Eagle had an amazing start of the Summer Series reaching the semi finals immediately. Ratajski bowed down against Peter Wright after having won against Ryan Searle and Dave Chisnall among others. On day two he reached the last 32, where he was beaten by Martijn Kleermaker before having a last 64 exit on day four. Ratajski improved once again on day four making it to the quarter finals, where he had beaten among others Karel Sedlacek, Keegan Brown and Jose de Sousa before being beaten by Ian White himself. On the final day of the Summer Series Ratajski had beaten fellow Krzysztof and Pole Kciuk for the second time in five days before he lost in the last 32 against Madars Razma. Ratajski therefore claimed the eleventh spot on the Summer Series Order of Merit by earning 7.750 pounds. The Polish Eagle gave himself a good position for the World Matchplay as well by becoming the number 13 seed thanks to his appearances at the Summer Series.

The best Austrian player had to be Mensur Suljovic. The Gentle had a decent start making it to the quarter finals on Wednesday. Suljovic had beaten Mark McGeeney, Chris Dobey, Vincent van der Voort and Darren Webster on his way before he was beaten by the German Giant Gabriel Clemens. Suljovic had two less good days losing in the last 64 and last 128 respectively. But the Austrian ace came back even stronger by making it to the semi finals on day four by beating among others Martijn Kleermaker, Hong Kong’s Kai Fan Leung in the last 16 and Daryl Gurney before he was beaten by Rob Cross, who threw the first after COVID 19 9-dart leg in PDC darts against the Gentle. Suljovic reached the last 32 on the last day of asking. Suljovic collected 6.750 pounds, which saw the Austrian player ending thirteenth on the Summer Series Order of Merit.

Rowby-John Rodriguez and Harald Leitinger were besides the above mentioned Mensur Suljovic the only players representing Austria during the Summer Series. Both players were quite consistent. Rodriguez had made it to the last 32 on day one and day three beating among others Ian White and Dave Chisnall before losing against Steve Beaton and Ryan Murray from Scotland respectively. The other three days the young Austrian suffered first round exits. Harald Leitinger had three first round exits as well while winning one match on day three and day four. Leitinger, who won his PDC tour card last January by an excellent run on the first day of PDC Q-School, had beaten Max Hopp and Josh Payne.

Southern Europe
Boris Krcmar was besides Jose de Sousa the only player from Southern Europe at the PDC Summer Series. Since the Spanish stars Cristo Reyes and Toni Alcinas just as Greek ace John Michael didn’t register themselves, probably because of the COVID 19 restraints. Boris Krcmar did more or less the same as one of the other new PDC tour card holders by reaching the last 64 twice and suffering a first round exit on three days. The Croatian player had beaten Dave Chisnall and Ryan Meikle.

Eastern Europe
Since all the PDC tour card holders from Eastern Europe were able to make it to the Summer Series Krzysztof Kciuk, Darius Labanauskas, Madars Razma and Karel Sedlacek were besides the above mentioned Krzysztof Ratajski the players taking part from Eastern Europe. For Karel Sedlacek his participation was unsure for a while, since his airplane from Frankfurt couldn’t land in England and therefore had to go back to Germany. Evil Charlie therefore had to take another flight and landed after the official time limit offered by the PDC, but he still was able to play.

Madars Razma showed what he is capable of once again. Razmatazz reached the last 16 on day two and five by beating Geert Nentjes, Kim Huybrechts, Devon Petersen, Krzysztof Ratajski, Mervyn King and Gerwyn Price before losing against Ryan Joyce, who went on to take the title, and Scott Baker respectively. The Latvian star made it twice to the last 64 and suffered a first round exit halfway the Summer Series.

Karel Sedlacek and Krzysztof Kciuk were quite consistent. Both players made it to the last 64 on day 1, 3 and 5 while losing in the first round on day 2 and 4. The star from the Czech Republic had beaten Dimitri van den Bergh, Mike van Duivenbode and Ryan Hogarth. The current number two of Poland was quite unlucky in his first year as a PDC tour card holder before the COVID 19 outbreak, since he lost all his first round matches in the first seven Players Championship events he took part in before having to withdraw from Players Championship 8 to go back home in time. The Thumb would therefore be relieved by his results during the Summer Series by beating John Henderson, Andy Boulton and Nathan Derry, while he had suffered to defeats from his fellow-countryman Krzysztof Ratajski.

Lucky D wasn’t very lucky during the Summer Series. Darius Labanauskas had suffered first round defeats on the first four days. The Lithuanian ended the Summer Series with reaching the last 32 by beating Stephen Bunting and Steve Lennon before bowing down to Gerwyn Price, who went on to make it to the final.

Northern Europe
Both Marko Kantele and Daniel Larsson weren’t able to play in the Summer Series.

PDC Summer Series Order of Merit
Below you can find how the players from continental Europe as discussed above did on the PDC Summer Series Order of Merit
6. Jose de Sousa 9.500
11. Krzysztof Ratajski 7.750
13. Mensur Suljovic 6.750
31. Madars Razma 4.000
62. Rowby-John Rodriguez 2.000
75. Karel Sedlacek 1.500
75. Krzysztof Kciuk 1.500
85. Boris Krcmar 1.000
85. Darius Labanauskas 1.000
85. Harald Leitinger 1.000

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I'm a huge dartsfan and started, because in my opinion darts media are focusing to much on the highlights and well known players and countries of the darting world. Therefore I want to pay more attention to the dart players and countries throughout Europe.

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