Paal, Lavrentjeva, Gleglu/Grazuls and Mickus/Bauze win Baltic Cup events

At 11th September the Baltic Cup was held in Latvia. In this event players from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania took part in a singles, pairs and team event. Most of the players, however, were Latvian.

Andres Paal from Estonia took the men singles title. On his way he defeated among others Janis Kupsis, Valters Melderis and Kristaps Mickus. Lithuanian Mindaugas Barauskas, who was in my opinion one of the favourites and played also on Q-School last January, was defeated in a last-leg decider by Nauris Gleglu in the last 16.

Sarmite Lavrentjeva from Latvia was the best lady. She won among others from Tiina Tiisler, Zeltite Strade and Kristine Mickus.

Latvian Nauris Gleglu and Marek Grazuls went on to claim the men pairs. They defeated on their way among others Mindaugas Barauskas/Sigitas Kvajauskas before whitewashing Erki Selling/Kristo Sooalu in the final.

Latvian Kristine Mickus and Irena Bauze won the ladies pairs, which meant after both Kristine Mickus and Kristaps Mickus lost in the final of the singles event the family Mickus could at least take one trophy home. Mickus and Bauze had beaten among others Marije Ruzane/Zeltite Strade, Liina Joonsaar/Tiina Tiisler and Sandije Andersone/Ieva Brikmane-Buklovska on their way.

There was Lithuanian success in the ladies team event where Lithuanian National Team claimed the trophy after beating 50+ from Latvia 9-8 in the final. Lithuanian National Team almost claimed the double in the team event. The mens team however lost 9-5 in the final against SMK Priekule from Latvia.

Between brackets is the country where the player is from mentioned.
Est = Estonia
Lat = Latvia
Lit = Lithuania

Men singles
Quarter finals
Kristaps Mickus (Lat) – Raivo Lehtmae (Est) 4-0
Aivars Sutka (Lat) – Nauris Gleglu (Lat) 4-1
Andres Paal (Est) – Janis Kupsis (Lat) 4-2
Valters Melderis (Lat) – Tonu Adamson (Est) 4-1

Semi finals
Kristaps Mickus (Lat) – Aivars Sutka (Lat) 4-1
Andres Paal (Est) – Valters Melderis (Lat) 4-2

Andres Paal (Est) – Kristaps Mickus (Lat) 5-3

Ladies singles
Quarter finals

Kristine Mickus (Lat) – Marije Ruzane (Lat) 4-1
Kornelija Lusaite (Lit) – Irena Bauze (Lat) 4-2
Zeltite Strade (Lat) – Areta Kovalevska (Lat) 4-0
Sarmite Lavrentjeva (Lat) – Tiina Tiisler (Est) 4-2

Semi finals
Kristine Mickus (Lat) – Kornelija Lusaite (Lit) 4-1
Sarmite Lavrentjeva (Lat) – Zeltite Strade (Lat) 4-2

Sarmite Lavrentjeva (Lat) – Kristine Mickus (Lat) 5-3

Men pairs
Quarter finals

Mickus/Strelis (Lat) – Karavics/Konstantinovics (Lat) 4-0
Selling/Sooalu (Est) – Maskalonoks/Dzarcans (Lat) 4-1
Gleglu/Grazuls (Lat) – Duks/Gulbis (Lat) 4-1
Barauskas/Kvajauskas (Lit) – Bauze/Birznieks (Lat) 4-2

Semi finals
Erki Selling/Sooalu (Est) – Mickus/Strelis (Lat) 4-1
Gleglu/Grazuls (Lat) – Barauskas/Kvajauskas (Lit) 4-2

Gleglu/Grazuls (Lat) – Erki Selling/Sooalu (Est) 5-0

Ladies pairs
Quarter finals

Lavrentjeva/Zakite (Lat) – Laces/Jurkaine (Lat) 4-0
Andersone/Brikmane-Buklovska (Lat) – Lusaite/Rimkeviciute (Lit) 4-1
Bauze/Mickus (Lat) – Ruzane/Strade (Lat) 4-2
Joonsaar/Tiisler (Est) – Ozola/Kanepa (Lat) 4-0

Semi finals
Andersone/Brikmane-Buklovska (Lat) – Lavrentjeva/Zakite (Lat) 4-3
Bauze/Mickus (Lat) – Joonsaar/Tiisler (Est) 4-2

Bauze/Mickus (Lat) – Andersone/Brikmane-Buklovska (Lat) 5-1

Photo: wikitravel

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