About me

Hi dear reader, I’m Jacco Krook from the Netherlands and love the darts. Because I love darts so much I’m writing for Dartfreakz, one of the biggest websites in the Netherlands for multiple years now. As a dartfreak I notice most darts media are focused on the countries where darts is well developed and known, while I’m assured there are lot of more talented players in the rest of the world. For this reason I’ve already started a Facebookpage about darts throughout Europe. Since that has been a success already I’ve decided to start this website.

So make sure to follow me when you want to know more about darts throughout Europe. If you love my work feel free to contact me to speak about the opportunities we might help each other. Thank you all for the interest in my work!

Feel free to follow me on social media as well

If you want to know more about Asian darts merel180.com, made by a friend of mine, is really worth visiting.